What is the Enterprise Neurosystem?

Today, thousands of AI models may be deployed in a multinational firm, developed in-house or supplied by a wide array of vendors. This presents a new issue – what framework is in place to integrate all these instances, and to cross-correlate and present their collective findings?’

We propose the next stage of IT evolution – -the Enterprise Neurosystem: singular, open source AI intelligence and secure connective fabric linking every AI model in your business. This framework has the potential to autonomously manage routine company operations and logistics, while providing guidance to human management.

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Our work is divided into tracks covering different areas. From architecture and specification of how the data is managed and stored, to security and access and integration, into actual signal processing and storage of high and low volume data.

Central intelligence platform

Creating common services to build and use AI based solutions. These will not replicate existing open source projects, rather than will reuse and build upon existing approaches and schematics.

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Secure AI connectivity fabric

Determining data access and management for AI systems: governance, access, security and sharing. Also integration, middleware and networking.

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AI signal processing

Framework, tools and solutions for processing high-rate signal data such as acoustics, vibrations, etc.

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