The Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate) is partnering with Enterprise Neurosystem, a research community of leading academic institutions and chief scientists of America’s top technology companies, to host the AIM for Climate Grand Challenge: Leveraging the Power of AI and Machine-Learning.

What is the Enterprise Neuro​system?

Today, thousands of AI models can be deployed across a multinational organization, either developed in-house or supplied by a wide array of vendors. This presents a deeper challenge – what framework is in place to integrate all these models, and to cross-correlate and present their collective findings?

We propose the next stage of IT evolution – the Enterprise Neurosystem. An open source AI framework, with a secure connective fabric linking every AI model in your environment. This approach has the potential to monitor and analyze a wide variety of operations, while conducting deeper pattern analysis and providing guidance to human management. This endeavor will be best accomplished by an open source development community, with the code freely available in the same manner as other open source software distributions.

In the earliest stage of our community, we decided to focus on projects for the global good, and identified climate change as a critical first use case that is well suited to a large scale AI analytics framework. We are working with local communities and climate change organizations to provide our support for AI monitoring and analytics development projects. Linking communities together is the most important part of this process, as it provides a shared pool of resources and information, and equal access to advanced technologies. In time, we believe the cross-correlation of this data on a global scale will lead to deeper insights and more efficient course correction.

In summary, the most effective way to accomplish this objective is through an open research community that enables a dynamic interchange of ideas, which then leads to new advances in AI infrastructure platforms and applications. We have gathered a wide array of experts from academia, government and the private sector, and it is through this diversity that the best solutions emerge.

Join a Workstream

We established a number of collaborative workstreams to build this framework. Our community is working on a variety of projects, ranging from AI catalog architecture and networking infrastructure, to unique AI models for specific solutions. You are welcome to join where your own interests are.

Central Intelligence Platform

This will be the core framework where the AI models reside and operate. This workstream proposes a self-describing digital asset catalog as a foundation for community use, and will eventually lead to a cross-correlation AI engine for deeper pattern analysis. 

Secure AI Connectivity Fabric

This track is building secure connectivity between AI models, data resources and the cross-correlation engine. It will use application layer messaging techniques found in other open source projects, in conjunction with a new policy engine.

AI Signal Processing

The core of this code base was donated to the open source community by IBM Research. This workstream focuses on tools and solutions that can process high-rate signal data for acoustics, vibrations and other areas of analysis. For example, this is being used to study global bee populations, to help prevent their decline.