Get Involved

For organizations

As this is a volunteer organization, the development commitments can be considered variables based on each member’s availability. However, resourcing should include an executive sponsor and a dedicated technical resource or resources (architect, developer, or both). Again, these are part-time activities, given the volunteer aspect of community engagement. As well, organizations with resource constraints can assign technical observers to contribute their guidance and best practices as part of the regular meetings. 

For individuals

Community involvement can span a variety of activities. This includes any of the following: community management, marketing support, general participation via sharing current challenges and historical knowledge of architectures, operational and technical project management, outbound communications, and of course, code development and documentation. A wide variety of talents and interest areas are welcome. 

In return, participants can expect a number of benefits – an open exchange of ideas on the latest AI research, new areas of enterprise development, leveraging and incorporating solutions built on an open-source framework, and discovering commonality with fellow community members and their areas of endeavor. 

Please contact Bill Wright ( for any questions regarding community membership.