The world of AI model development is evolving at a rapid pace. Today, thousands of AI models can be deployed in a multinational corporation or organization, both developed in-house and supplied by a wide array of vendors. This can lead to important discoveries and insights, but it also presents a new issue – what framework is in place to integrate all these instances, and to correlate and present their collective findings?

We propose the next stage of AI evolution – the Enterprise Neurosystem.  A unified AI intelligence framework connected to every area of a business or organization, gathering and integrating millions of real-time and historical data points for actionable reference.  This framework will autonomously analyze and manage day-to-day operations while providing observations/guidance to human management.

Like the human body, in which many functions are fully autonomic (heartbeat, oxygen exchange, energy assimilation, etc.) and yet others require higher-order conscious analysis (relationship management, movement and guidance systems, etc.), an IT data center and network environment are quite similar to this biological model. Humanity, it seems, has been subconsciously using its own architecture as the basis for building these connective systems.

The Enterprise Neurosystem is the final stage of this evolution. The combined effect of human and machine deterministic capabilities is beyond the power of either one functioning alone. It will enable a deeper and more complete level of AI awareness and perception – building on the vision of a large-scale collective framework, and turning it into a single federated AI instance.  

An open-source research consortium is required to achieve this objective – one that spans academia, industry, and government. A community that can incorporate a wide array of viewpoints and experiences in the development of this technology, which will be shared in a transparent and accessible manner, to maximize the use of popular models and minimize unintended effects like harmful bias.

The consortium is most importantly, a community.