The Grand Challenge

The Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate) is partnering with Enterprise Neurosystem, a research community of leading academic institutions and chief scientists of America’s top technology companies, to host the AIM for Climate Grand Challenge: Leveraging the Power of AI and Machine-Learning.

The Grand Challenge is a unique opportunity to win prizes in AI and Machine Learning infrastructure and consulting services, to advance your big idea in climate-smart agriculture and food systems innovation.  Phase 1 of the Grand Challenge, a 250-word proposal open to all, is due by February 15 via the AIM for Climate Innovation Hub, please share this opportunity if this is of interest to you in participating and/or sharing with your relevant networks.

You can find more information on AIM for Climate and the AI and Machine Learning Grand Challenge through viewing this webinar video

If you would like to view the current submissions to the challenge, you can see them on the Innovation Hub.  To submit your own entry, you should start from the description of the campaign.

Not an AI/Machine Learning expert?

No problem. The Enterprise Neurosystem is looking for big ideas from a wide range of participants and seeks pitches that draw on diverse knowledge, experiences, and cultures. Enterprise Neurosystem looks forward to working with you to develop and scale your ideas in climate-smart agriculture and food systems innovation.